Friday, 20 April 2018


I have a dream...a cryptocurrency rise to challenge traditional money and its gods...
Anyone care to join me in my resolve to rebel?

Once upon a time, the first cryptocurrency rose to challenge the supremacy of the Federal Reserve and its fiat paper notes it called "money". It was BITCOIN, a revolutionary phenomenon born out of sheer technology and the digital age. can't see has no physical form...but a mathematical calculation of numerical equations to solve a series of algorithms in the fastest way and in turn, generate a numerical answer to form an encrypted sum, which can be used to pay for goods and services, governed by a blockchain.
A digital non physical payment exchange that can either stand its own or with exisiting fiat currency.

At first, the "Federal Reserve Gods of Fiat" were not even remotely bothered with its existence in the form of BitCoin but now, with Bitcoin's value nearing USD8,500 and climbing again (not to mention it was once traded for as high as USD20,000 a coin),
BitCoin, as well as host of other cryptocurrency coins spawned from its success is now seriously challenging the supremacy of fiat currency and I think this is the reason why traditional banks and even VISA and MasterCard are holding their Custer's Last Stand against the BitCoin Sitting Bull, by refusing to recognise Cryptocurrency as its legitimate contender.

I am writing this as a "rabble rouser" to force the legitimacy of cryptocurrencies as a payment system so as to ease the burden of the poor and the unbankable and bolster income and purchasing power of both businesses and consumers alike.

I suggest that the blockchain miners, exchangers and cryptocurrency mining rig operators gang up together and form a cryptocurrency bank to issue a full functional debit card or a QR code based android pay for the purpose. Any comments for and against (and why) are most welcome

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