Friday, 27 November 2015

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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

To all Malaysian friends: Broke? Please take this survey!

To all Malaysian friends: Assuming you are broke and need cash right now, and you know you can no more hold down a viable job, what would you do if you are presented with a business opportunity?

What would you take seriously as a criteria for you to take part in a business opportunity?

Will you be willing to put your best effort at the beginning and work hard on your way to success and be determined to be successful no matter what?

It is true that money begets money and it takes some financial risk and seed money to start in any opportunity and make it a successful business but it is more likely to take your courage, perseverance and endurance to do the job.

I am looking for serious people to join me to form a team that will make it no matter what in a business that has good potential as I see it. Can you and will you make the cut? You can get some information from my website at
and let me know your views here on my blog.

Thank you for reading and I hope we can make a good living out of this venture together

Warm regards,
David Boey

Friday, 20 November 2015

Men: If you are married and your wives go out to work, this is a must read

Men: If you are married and your wives go out to work, this is a must read, especially, if you opted to stay home and let your wives bring home the money because she happened to make much more than you and you reckoned you cared more for your children to decide to sacrifice your career to be a househusband or you are one of those so called "metropolitan male" types who think nothing of giving your woman a chance at climbing the corporate ladder while you stay home. And the excuse will be always "she makes more money than me anyway". My bottomline verdict: Men are supposed to make more than their wives, be the sole provider of the family and only then, will your wives respect and cherish you. That has been the fact and only fact that has prevailed over all the centuries of mankind's existence and the most potent of all solutions to man woman relationships repair.

The following is a sad story about
a guy I know.

The names have been changed to
protect the innocent (and guilty, too,
I suppose). 

But it illustrates a growing problem
in the West today that no respectable
man wants to talk about.
(and the problem is growing in the east as well)

Luckily, this isn’t a respectable post.

It’s simply an honest post.

Anyway, this man I know (we’ll call him
Alex) was your typical stay at home dad. 

A good man, loved his wife and child like
you wouldn’t believe, and thought it heroic
when he told his wife he would stay home
with the child since she made more 
money than him in the corporate world.

And, all went fine at first.

Everyone was content and happy, and life
was good.

But before long that all changed.

Alex’s wife started getting irritable with Alex. 

She snapped at him for no reason
out of the blue. 

She started going on more “girls nights out”
with her friends from work.

She also started working late hours,
alone with her boss, who was the
entrepreneur who owned the
company and a millionaire with a
huge house, lots of properties, and
kept himself in great shape. 

The kind of man, frankly, other men
strive to be like.

Alex didn’t want to admit it, but this
bothered him.

A lot.

He was a good man, a good husband,
and a good partner.

Yet, his wife was spending more time
at work and with her friends than with him. 

He didn’t think she was cheating. 

Not yet, at least. But she did tend to talk
about work and her boss a lot.

Anyway, not a good situation to be in.

So what did Alex do?


He ignored that pit in his stomach.

He kept on doing his thing, being a good
dad, being a good husband, and taking
care of their child while she won the bread.

The result?

Within 6 months she divorced him out
of the blue.

She said she loved him, but was not
“in love” with him anymore, and ended up
dating her boss who she later married.

Now, this story is far more common than
people realize.

I know it makes some people mad.

But it is what it is.

Question is:

What could Alex have done differently?

Well, in my opinion, as someone who has
studied hundreds of men who have been
divorced under similar circumstances, I
can tell you the only thing they could have
done is make themselves more high value
than the wife’s boss.

That’s it.

Think of it from Alex's wife’s point of view:

How cool is it to introduce Alex to her friends
and new social circle as “this is my stay at
home dad husband. 

He doesn’t work, he does the house chores
and cooks and cleans and takes care
of our kid.”

Sounds good to some people, I suppose.

But, it’s a recipe for disaster.

I cannot help but totally agree with the above revelation.