Wednesday, 24 December 2014

How Have You Been Making Out in 2014? Will You Make It Out in 2015?

As we approach the year 2015, I have a question for the guys who run a business online without much money or even a no-budget affair...
Are you in for the long haul or are in a one shot spark in the dark? It all depends on what you do with the money you have...essentially the profit you make from your online business, especially when sales are few and far between, profits are meager and you are always put into a dilemma of whether you want to continue with your online business or stop it altogether. Maybe you think your online business is a waste of time and resources after put in so much money into your website..your stock of products..and it is not working enough to even break even...and you begin to think where and what you did went wrong.
Actually, if you think about it, it all boils down to how you manage the money you make from your online business, because eventually, you will want the business to be self-funding.
One way, of course, (you may know about this like most people but never crossed your mind to do it, perhaps) is to set aside a certain 50% of your profit to accumulate in a stash pot for this purpose, instead of spending everything you make. Even if you make $50 a month..saving $25 a month will get you $300 a year. And if you can afford to keep saving without touching the pot.. well the pot can grow to a tidy sum without you realising it..and then.let it come to your rescue whenever you are short of funds you need. Of course, how much you will want to allocate to each pot is up to you.
For me, I tend to put away a certain sum of money from the profits I make in one special debit VISA card, to spend on certain essentials when my usual sources to fund my business runs low. You will never guess just how many times the funds from this particular debit card has come to my rescue when a certain payment is required and my pocket has no money.
If you haven't done this already, give this much thought. And start building up this fund with a portion of your profits instead of spending all of it, like I used to do, thinking what a miserably small amount of money can do. As a Malay saying goes, a little bit a day builds a mountain. May 2015 see all of us having enough to fund our online business for the long haul, in spite of the naysayers' predictions, and make it running our way.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

I just found a new VISA Prepaid card online

I just found a new VISA Prepaid card issued by MAA (Malaysia) that you can use to verify your paypal account. I got the PayWave version that costs RM28 to apply and they charge RM2.50 monthly for maintenance fees which is about the same for most non-bank account debit cards. If you need a VISA debit card to bypass your credit card costs and provide a better means of controlling expenses and spending, try this one out. I take no commission from giving you this information.

Visit this website for more information:

Thursday, 4 September 2014


PHYTOCELL™ Double Stemcell contains different types of plant cell combinations by Swiss phyto stem cell technologies - PhytoCellTec™ MalusDomestica (apple stem cell) and PhytoCellTec™ Solar Vitis (grape stem cell), and is further enriched with nutrient-rich Acai berry and blueberry. It nourishes your skin from the inner level to give you a significant and effective result. DOUBLE stemcell also rejuvenates and activates body cells to raise energy and improve vitality. It is a safe, natural and convenient product for both women and men. If you would like to find out how you can get into the iPhytoscience business for as little as RM270 (covered by products), just call or contact me at the contact info below 

Pay via bank deposit into:
                                         RHB  - 1-14099-0018940-0 (Boey Vi Seng)
                                         CIMB - 1428-0019502-52-6 (Boey Vi Seng)

Once payment has been made, please SMS your name and postal address to 013 3379328
or WHATSAPP 010 5171438. You can also send an email to

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

BioLynne Apple Stemcell Serum


There is a new apple stemcell serum in town and it is our ambition to go worldwide. Anyone interested can purchase one 5ml bottle for RM110 or four 5ml bottles for RM440. Free shipping within Malaysia. Other countries: 1 5ml bottle for USD50 or four 5ml bottles for USD200. postpaid by air. PM me for details on how to order

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

New Product from Organogold

There is a new product from OrganoGold. It is Black Iced Tea. The 20-sachet box costs RM95 postpaid in Malaysia. Try it. Tastes good in ice cold water with an added lemon slice..Perfect for the hot afternoons..

Friday, 18 April 2014




I have been taking Snacks! from ISAGENIX for about 4 months now, out of the necessity that I haven't been privy to a good breakfast every morning before I rush to work in my busy schedule.
In the past, I used to wake up early in the morning and go to tend my business assignments on an empty stomach and that always cause a tummy ache due to the wind in an empty stomach. I used to wake up hungry in the middle of the night but being too lazy to go out for a bite, I would like in bed till morning, hungry. After being introduced to Snacks!, nowadays I just pop one or two tablets everytime I feel hungry and I am all right till morning. Snacks! is not a food replacement so I still have to have something to eat later but at least the tummy aches and the coldness in my stomach is gone. Snacks! has a rich delicious chocolate flavour. Retails for RM73.00 BUY NOW


This is another product I have been taking on the go when proper meals are not in sync with my busy business schedule. These are delicious. And healthy as well. Each box contains 12 bars and is available for just

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Are You Making Money with Your MLM Company? If not, Why Not?

This post is the result of a meeting with a friend and customer who told me that MLMs only benefitted the top membership echelon but not the lower rungs of members. I beg to differ.

There has been a lot of hooha amidst the fallacy that MLM is a pyramid scheme, a scam, etc. Actually, instead of blaming the company or the MLM industry itself, have you ever wondered why you didn't make money like they said you would, when you were invited to join a certain company that works an MLM program in distributing its products?
From the way I see it, there are two main reasons why someone joins an MLM company.
One is, they like its products and they are buying mainly for their own consumption and would like to get those products at a wholesale membership price. If you are in this category, know this: In order to get the privilege of buying cheaper, you need to buy in quantity as there is a cost involved in manufacturing, production and shipping the product, the upkeep and maintenance of storage facilities and so on. You can't get a product at a price without consideration of these costs. So, if you join as a member, you pay a membership fee for the privilege of buying the products you want to consume yourself at wholesale which you would have to pay a much higher price if you bought it at retail.
That is scenario number 1.
If you are in scenario number 1 above, it stands to reason that just by becoming a member to get products for self-consumption only and no more, does not make you money. You only save money on the products you consume. And when you buy in quantity on an autoship based on this premise, you will not make money, because you did not intend to promote or re-sell the products you have on hand. In that case, please do not buy more than you can use. Or get the products without a membership by getting it on retail from a member who has every right to make a profit by supplying the product to you. After all, the person who does this has a cost to cover doing so.
In scenario number two, on the other hand, if you decide that your intention is to make money with the products, you need to sell the products of the MLM company you joined. Your membership entitles you to get your products on wholesale so that you can make a profit selling them at retail. You can't and won't be selling them at YOUR cost. That's not selling.
Selling means you make a profit on your efforts to introduce the products to your circle of friends, relatives, etc and encouraging them to buy the products from you at retail, out of which you make a profit. It is only a business when you make a profit from the products.
It therefore stands to reason that the company will give you a higher discount when you order more. It is like a difference between a wholesaler and a jobber. And the concept is still business. You will make more money if you get products at a bigger discount and selling on retail to a retail customer and a profit selling to the member who only orders for his/her own consumption and therefore is entitled to a lower discount schedule. Say, a product retails for $50. As a member buying for your own consumption only, you get a 20% discount or $10 off the top. If you are just buying for your own consumption, a $10 discount is not considered much and may not even be viable in some cases, if you include the membership fees you had to pay for the privilege of doing so. That also goes for someone who wants to make money out of selling the products. If you want to make, say, $1000 a month, you are going to sell 100 units of the product a month to make that money. But, if you are going to make the MLM company's products your business, you WILL make a lot more if you get in on bigger product packages that the company offers. Say, you order a big enough amount of products that will give you a 40% discount. That means, based on the $50 retail price of the example above, you now make $20 on each product sold. So, in order for you to earn $1000 a month, you just need to sell 50 units of the product per month. See the difference? And if you sell to an ordinary member who wants only to buy for own consumption at $40, you still make a $10 profit off his member price. The business concept is still the same as the old supply chain - manufacturer to jobber to wholesaler to retailer EXCEPT for one difference. MLM companies allow you to recruit other people into the business, and pay you a small overiding commission on your downline.(remember I said business, so they must also want to re-sell the products for a profit. Whether they consume the products themselves or not is irrelevant, just a convenient add-on advantage to their business).
The final conclusion of the matter thus will be: IF you like a certain product from an MLM company and would like to buy for your own consumption, consider whether the end justifies the means. Will joining as a member help you save enough to justify a membership fee? Or will it be better to just get the product you like direct at retail from a member of that particular MLM company selling the product? Even if you want to make money, will you be able to offload all your monthly product quota each month to justify the re-order requirements? Will the extra discount be worth it even if you cannot sell off the previous months' stock on hand? Is it better to just remain as an ordinary member and just take the minimum discount level and make money as you go on a piecemeal basis rather than burdening yourself and your resources on products you cannot sell? What about the shelf-life of the products. If, let's say, a product has a 1 year shelf life. Can you sell it within the first 3 months? Or will you be saddled with expired products just because you cannot sell them fast enough? You could end up bankrupting yourself if you happen to be in this situation. Best is, before you join an MLM company, check out the products first. Can and will you consume it? Will your immediate circle of friends, acquaintances, relatives, etc. like it? Will you be able to sell and promote it? If you answer is no, better not join. Even if you like the products, and don't want to be in the business, check and see if getting a discount is worth the membership cost. If not, you are better off buying the product at retail. So, when you hear that people complain about MLM companies not working for them, ask yourself, is it because they weren't doing things right in the first place?

Saturday, 12 April 2014


Organo Gold Gourmet Cafe Latte

Alkaline coffee with Ganoderma Luciderm (lingzhi)
20 sachets in one box
Just RM52.50 per box
(add RM10 for shipping and handling)
2 boxes - RM100 (free shipping and handling)

Pay via bank deposit into:

                                         RHB  - 1-14099-0018940-0 (Boey Vi Seng)
                                         CIMB - 1428-0019502-52-6 (Boey Vi Seng)

Once payment has been made, please SMS your name and postal address to 013 3379328
or WHATSAPP 010 5171438. You can also send an email to

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Would you join me on my latest project?

As you all already know, I am running an online business, doing sales and promotions for both myself and my customers and I would like you to take a little survey if you will, to see how people would respond to the marketing and promotional campaigns I am about to start. Please do feel free to respond with your name, postal address as a PM (private messenger) only to avoid unauthorised access. Or email me at (This is necessary. No one will ever beat a path to your door, we assure you. Information you provide will be exclusively for our use only. Only us, and strictly no one else will have access to the information you provide. I will put my name and reputation, both business and private, on the line for this). The questions I will ask all of you, will be this: What is your criteria for receiving marketing and sales materials? Online (you will need to give us an email address)? Offline (snail mail or postal mail)? Do you read what you receive in your mail box? Which media stream would you prefer? Online or Offline? If you don't mind receiving emails from us, what is the frequency you will accept? (for example, once a week, once a month, etc) Are you looking for some ideas to earn an income and willing to be open minded about such ideas? Will you email us of any updates to your postal address? One other thing: I believe in the saying "What goes around, comes around". The idea of this post is really this: I want to create a viable pool of both sellers and buyers in a kind of closed group so that we can benefit each other, both in resources and assistance. Our mailings to you will reflect this cooperation. We may buy something you sell and vice-versa. Simple concept. If you are keen on this idea, please feel free to comment on this post. No trolls. Thank you very much for your time in reading this. And may we be of benefit to each other.

The Businesses I am now involved in

I am now in the business of promoting OrganoGold Coffee, products from ISGENIX, HERBALIFE, TUPPERWARE and iPHYTOSCIENCE StemCell products. Please visit the following websites if you are interested:




WHEATGRASS TEA PRODUCTS: =====================================================

 JEWELRY: (in the process of updating)
The last blog I created was when I had a yahoo! address but due to the many issues faced my YAHOO! Mail, I am now unable to access my YAHOO! Mail account and now I cannot even access my old "Rambling Boey" blog. So now I am having to concentrate on this new blog afresh in 2014!
It HAS been awhile since I have begun this blog activity. Myriads of things have come and go during the 2 odd years I was absent from posting. My health faltered and came back, I retired from my position as an IT consultant, got into a lot of MLM and business opportunities that took up much of my time. For the first time in 10 years where I was always out of the house working at a job, I am now virtually a housebound man doing housework in lieu of my wife who has an outside job, doing the things most wives do, cooking dinner, hanging out the washed clothes to dry, gathering them back for her to press, etc. My children have grown and gotten their own career start, a daughter in the accounting profession, my son in the automobile technician in a large well-known car company. As I said, I am retired now, and I am finding the time to worship and serve my God (I am a Jehovah's Witness) and doing the things I didn't find the time to do when I was working - building up my MLM business and looking after my growing number of websites -,,, to name a few, just to keep myself busy. I am an active participant on Facebook as "boeyong" and working on "BoeyongAds", a business advertising vehicle. I have seen many friends taking it easy, having nothing to do in the house, lazing about, no more focus in life and they are dying like flies! I want to have nothing of that! I want to remain active until Jehovah God says it is enough. This blog is dedicated to my business pursuits though sprinkled with some personal anecdotes and flavour so you WILL find advertising amongst personal articles and photographs. This year 2014 will mark the start of new things and activities. Enjoy! And thanks for reading this. It makes my postings worthwhile and my ramblings...well...sane.