Wednesday, 4 March 2015

When it comes to MLM - Are You A Business Person or a Greedy Person?

Many people seem to think of MLM as a scam, a pyramid scheme, a money game. It depends on personal perspectives, really. Many people are introduced and come into an MLM business by just one very shallow and unrealistic of money.
Why shallow and unrealistic? It doesn't mean you can't make money and even lots of it in an MLM business but to talk only about money gains without product knowledge and the fact that it takes personal product sales as the equation, is, well, totally unrealistic. To tell people that they don't have to sell products is totally unrealistic. Not having to reckon on and factor in marketing costs in running an MLM opportunity as a business is unrealistic. You may recruit a million downlines but if you have no personal sales, that downline means nothing to you. And when your downlines don't make sales, they won't get anything either. And then you see your downline leaving you like rats off a sinking ship or even faster. Why? If you don't make sales, you don't get profits and residue income comes from sales made by your downlines. Simple and clear. And even if you have personal sales but your downlines are doing nothing, you won't benefit from them either. And then some people yell fraud and scam just because they are not understanding and following the basics. All businesses, MLM or not, derive their money from profits and sales. NOT downlines with nothing to show for it. You may have a million salesmen running around doing nothing and at the end of the month, your bottomline is still zero. And your salesmen get nothing as well. You know what I mean.
So.. next time you are looking at an MLM business opportunity, make sure you know what products (or services) you are marketing, whether you can get a market for such products and services yourself, will you personally use them voluntarily and not because you have to meet a quota, and then you will find that an MLM business opportunity is just as viable as a brick and mortar business sans the huge capital expenditure.
Don't be greedy. Don't just look at the dollar figures. Just because a certain MLM business opportunity has made the most millionaires or even billionaires, doesn't mean it can happen to you. You don't know what they have done or gone through to make that amount of money. Or the friends they have. It stands to reason that if you have 5 friends who are aflush with money, have good relations with you and treat the money they give you as chickenfeed without a bat of their eyelid, or course you have got it made. Contrast that with a poor person living in poverty with like friends and contacts who cannot afford the products and services, how much do you think he or she can make?
All businesses make money..just work at it in honest fashion and make sales. And money will find you.