Wednesday, 9 December 2015

As fiat currencies plummet in value, everyone is again looking to precious metals to hedge against inflation and to cushion the ever climbing high cost of living. Gold and silver seems to be the best bet. But Gold is traditionally the one that is the most sturdy of the two. Because while silver is more commonly used as currency and in other fields of technology and science, gold is almost always hedged in the form of either jewelry or stored in vaults as ingots. And has come out with the best savings and investment model I can see and trust for gold. You can start with as little as RM10 (about USD3) and make your way up. All the gold that you buy is stored for you in the vault destination you designate. And when your gold level reaches 1 gram, you get a MasterCard to essentially withdraw on profits with your gold (when your gold price rise) or your balance. I like the savings model very much and everything is secure. Where else can you buy and save in gold for as little as USD3? If you would like information on Bitgold, just hop here:

Top up your gold balance with spare change

You might not know the power of spare change in your BitGold balance! Use BitGold as part of your savings program and nest egg. As and when you are able to. Even a small USD5 deposit a month can make a difference. And who, besides BitGold will give you a free prepaid MasterCard once your balance reaches just a meagre balance of 1gm of gold? I would say. none. Spare change don't mean much nowadays, what with inflation and the uncertainty in the value of fiat currencies. But it does and will make a difference in a BitGold account as gold you can withdraw, either in physical metal or monetary value.

And.oh yes..I almost forgot to mention, when you join Bitgold for free, you will also receive a small amount of gold for free, even before you put in any money! Is this fantastic or what?!


What is BitGold?

BitGold is an online platform that makes gold accessible for payments and savings. It’s like any other bank account in that you can deposit your local currency but your money is denominated in gold.

Your Gold is stored in insured Brink’s depositories located in Zurich, Hong Kong, London, Singapore, Toronto, Dubai, or New York City.

Think of BitGold as PayPal but denominated in grams of Gold. You can transfer or receive BitGold for free with any other BitGold user (except US users), and you can spend it anywhere at any point-of-sale with your BitGold Prepaid Card.

BitGold account holders may deposit money into their account via Bank Wire Transfers, Credit Card, Debit Card, China Union Pay, Interac for Canadian users and ACH from selected US Banks.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

You won't believe the wonders RM10 can do for your business!

TenRM is the Malaysian’s largest marketplace for services starting at RM10
Everyone knows we need to advertise our businesses but not many know how and where to find cheap advertising that is effective and works. Especially in hard times. TenRM is the white knight that has come to the rescue, with the development of a concept that provides cheap, affordable and yet effective way of presenting your business and services, plus an opportunity to network amongst your business peers and widen the scope of your business.

You just need RM10 to become a member and the possibilities are virtually endless. Visit them at this link:

They also have a Facebook page at