Wednesday, 25 November 2015

To all Malaysian friends: Broke? Please take this survey!

To all Malaysian friends: Assuming you are broke and need cash right now, and you know you can no more hold down a viable job, what would you do if you are presented with a business opportunity?

What would you take seriously as a criteria for you to take part in a business opportunity?

Will you be willing to put your best effort at the beginning and work hard on your way to success and be determined to be successful no matter what?

It is true that money begets money and it takes some financial risk and seed money to start in any opportunity and make it a successful business but it is more likely to take your courage, perseverance and endurance to do the job.

I am looking for serious people to join me to form a team that will make it no matter what in a business that has good potential as I see it. Can you and will you make the cut? You can get some information from my website at
and let me know your views here on my blog.

Thank you for reading and I hope we can make a good living out of this venture together

Warm regards,
David Boey

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